Primal Food Plots are Right on Target

Primal Food Plots attract wildlife. Launched January 2020, Primal Food Plot mixes reward hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Proven in the toughest growing conditions. Field-tested, with more than 30 years of research and development, each of Primal’s 14 mixes meet the survival needs of specific game: pheasants, quail, turkey, deer, elk and more.

“Food plots are rewarding. I get a lot of satisfaction from planting food plots and seeing wildlife utilize them,” explains Jason Tronbak, a hunter, landowner, and Primal Conservation and Wildlife Specialist. “Primal mixes are fine-tuned to meet the mark. It’s amazing to get a trophy of a lifetime because a food plot was planted to meet its nutrition and habitat needs. I enjoy helping others achieve success through food plots.”

All seed is sourced through South Dakota-based Millborn Seeds. A premier seed company established in 1987, Millborn Seeds provides Primal Food Plots with more than customized blends to achieve wildlife goals across the U.S.

Millborn Seeds’ team of Conservation and Wildlife Specialists share their extensive knowledge and field experience with Primal customers. Helping them achieve their wildlife goals.

“Anyone can say field-tested and hunter approved,” says Justin Pederson, Primal Conservation and Wildlife Specialist. “But our team is passionate about this. Along with our work as wildlife and conservation professionals, we are hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.” Primal’s easy-to-navigate website uses landowner goals to guide them to the right food plot mix. To learn more, visit



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