Sediment Logs + Wattles

Sediment logs and wattles are in essence permeable barriers used to help retain sediment found in surface runoff. Millborn offers a variety of options.

Curlex Sediment Logs are composed of Curlex wood excelsior fibers encased in netting that can be used in a wide range of applications. Those include: perimeter controls, ditch checks, slope interruption, and inlet protection. A sediment log can be used interchangeably with straw wattles but does have some distinct advantages.

Sediment Logs

Install on the ground surface
Slow and water filter
Install stake through netting only
No weed seeds, no mess


Must be trenched in to be effective
Create a dam that water must flow over or around
Must drive stakes through fill material
May contain weed seeds, can be messy

Curlex Sediment Logs

Sediment logs are versatile excelsior logs comprised of an outside containment fabric that is filled with unique Curlex fibers. Sediment logs are porous, allowing water to pass through the excelsior matrix, progressively slowing velocity and filtering sediment as it passes through the log diameter. Sediment Logs are extremely flexible and contour to the terrain to maintain intimate contact with the sub-grade. In addition, they come with six other benefits; lightweight, no trenching, no weed seeds, no disposal hassles, are re-usable, and hold their shape.

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Straw Wattles

Straw wattles are an economical alternative to sediment logs. Straw wattles are frequently used in applications such as perimeter control, ditch checks, slope interruption and inlet protection.

Available Sizes:
9″ x 25′
12″ x 10′
12″ x 20′
20″ x 10′

Compost Wattles

Compost wattles are another alternative commonly used for perimeter controls and other applications. A compost wattle is made of a fine mesh tube typically filled with wood chips. This makes the wattle heavier than straw or wood fiber so it can be used on hard surfaces such as asphalt without staking although its best use is on bare soil and staked in place.

Available Sizes:
9″ x 100′
12″ x 100′

Installation Guides

AEC Recommended Log and Wattle Slope Spacing

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