Three reasons you should be frost seeding

Maximize growing time, longevity, and forage from the seed

If you time your frost seeding correctly, it allows the clover to germinate as soon as soil temperatures reach 38 to 42 degrees, giving it a jump start against weed competition.

Giving the clover as much growing time as possible allows it to create a stronger root system, especially for perennials. This ensures the clover can withstand strong browsing pressure and produce the maximum amount of forage for years to come.

Early forage availability

Having forage available as early as possible for big game animals like deer and elk are crucial for antler growth and for offering enough nutrition for pregnant does and cows getting ready for fawning season.

It also creates brood rearing ground, which is crucial habitat for game bird species like turkeys, quail, and pheasants for newly hatched poults. It gives them an essential food source, but also short structure that is easy to navigate when searching for food.

It’s simple, but effective

With frost seeding, your labor and costs are minimized. It’s easy to do, and the equipment is minimal. Frost seeding also draws from nature’s natural processes to use get the maximum amount of moisture by absorbing the thawing snow and frost, and catching the early spring rain. Frost seeding early can put less work and worry on your plate in the busy spring season.

Use frost seeding to take advantage of the entire growing season, get the best possible chance at a successful plot, and to save time and money this spring.



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