Stocking Rate Calculator

Step 1

Determine your rotation frequency using the simple tool below. If you already know your rotation frequency or are continuous grazing, proceed to Step 2.

2 15
Rotation frequency for 8 paddocks: 3 days

*Rotation frequency recommendations are based on a 25 day rest period for each paddock. This rest period may not be sufficient depending upon your grazing management, species composition, and moisture outlook. Contact us for site-specific recommendations.

If you are curious about how many paddocks are ideal based on a rotation frequency (in days), enjoy the tool below. Remember, these are guidelines.

1 25
3 day rotations: 10 paddocks

Step 2

Use the simple tool below to determine grazing information. Start by Entering the # of Head OR the # of Grazing Days.

1000 lbs
3 tons

Calculation Type

— or —
Number of head: 100

Yield Amount Chart

Forage TypeDry Matter Yield EstimateLowModerateHigh
Perennial Pasture (mid-high rainfall region)2-4 tons234
Native Range or Perennial Pasture (low rainfall region)1-3 tons123
Optigraze3-6 tons346
Premium Graze3-6 tons356
Fall Cover Crop Blend (no regrowth)1-3 tons123
Turbo (Sudangrass Hybrid)3-6 tons34.56
Sorghum x Sudangrass3-5 tons345
Pearl Millet2-5 tons23.55
Japanese Millet2-4 tons234
Cereal Rye2-5 tons23.55

*These are general estimates intended to reflect common production numbers. Consider your moisture outlook, soil fertility, and other management when estimating yield.  

*Keep in mind that the higher end of the suggested yield estimates are based on the possible production under a rotational grazing system. If continuous season-long grazing is being practiced, use more conservative yield estimates to avoid overstocking.  

*When using annual forages for grazing, be mindful of your growing season length. The amount of time you can graze annual forages is limited to the time period from when grazing begins (45-60 days after planting) to the time that all forage has been consumed and regrowth has ceased for the season. If calculated values exceed this amount of time, reduce your grazing estimates.