Building a Legacy on the Land

As we creep towards closing out the calendar on 2022, we can’t help but feel excited for the challenges and opportunities that a new year brings. Surrounding ourselves with a great team and working with all our outstanding customers fills our tanks to continue to help more farmers, ranchers and landowners enrich the land and their lives.

Our purpose, enriching land and lives, continues to be the focal point of all that we do here at Millborn Seeds. Everyone on the team embodies that purpose, and it is truly the driving force behind why we do what we do. From planting an annual cover crop to enrolling land in a perpetual conservation easement, the Millborn team is always striving for wins for our customers. And we share the collective mindset that there isn’t one specific thing that leads to success, but rather several small steps taken over time. Having the opportunity to be trusted by landowners and work alongside you as you take those steps is something we’ll never take for granted.

For me, establishing and improving habitat will always be high on the priority list. Conservation programs and practices will continue to be implemented for a variety of reasons – some new and some old. Everyone has different motivation for the management choices they make on their land, but the exciting part is that all these choices lead to a chance at leaving the land better than you found it. In the new year, we will continue to find ways to positively impact the land and do our best to help landowners like you build your own legacy on the land.

Here’s to making a positive impact on land and lives in 2023.



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