Inlet Protection

The seemingly “easy” task of protecting inlets on construction sites can end up taking a lot of time, labor and money to install and maintain. The Top Guard Line of products from ERTEC Environmental Systems are fast and easy to install and maintain and reduce liability and risk to your employees. All Top Guard products install above ground so there are no heavy gates to lift or openings to fall in.

Product Overview

  • ┬áCombo Guard
    • The ERTEC Combo Guard is designed for use on curb inlets with frames and grates. Installation is easy and can be accomplished with gravel bags placed on top or utilizing wire or zip ties to fasten the guard to the grate. Many sizes are available to match the combination inlets on any project.
  • Curb Inlet Guard
    • The Curb Inlet Guard is used for inlets with only a curb opening. Each section is 75″ long and is designed to be overlapped for longer curb openings. Steel reinforcements keep the guard in shape and in place. The guard is held in place with gravel bags at each end and at each overlap so installation, maintenance, and removal are easy.
  • Drop Guard
    • Drop Guard is a great solution for off-pavement area drains or culverts during vegetation establishment. Drop Guard is available in 7′ lengths and either 12″ or 15″ tall. Installation methods will be similar to that of installing wattles or silt fence but will reduce maintenance costs and can be reused on multiple projects.
  • GR8 Gaurd
    • GR8 Guard works for drains in paved areas. Installation is easy and can be done in a way that minimizes conflicts with traffic. The GR8 guard can be held in place with gravel bags, can be tied down with zip ties or wire, or can be glued down with a removable adhesive. Sizes range from 12″x12″ up to 48″x48″.
  • Slot Guard
    • Slot Guard is intended for use on linear slot drains of all types in paved areas. Slot Guard comes in 84″ lengths that are designed to be overlapped and cover widths from 1″ to 20″ wide. Custom sizes are also available.
  • Snake Bag
    • The Snake Bag is designed to form a 6″ gravel wattle 4′ in length and weigh approximately 50 lbs when filled with 3/4″ gravel. The snake bag can be reused because it’s heat sealed to prevent rupture and is made of a high UV mono-filament weave for strength and durability.