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Millborn’s team of Grass Seed Specialists work to match every grass seed project up with a proven line of fertilizers and chemicals when and where necessary.

Fertilizers Made Simple
FertilizerPackageCoverageDescriptionSpec Sheets
18-0-6 w/Dimension50 lb bag9,000 sq. ft– Spring applied fertilizer
– Prevents growth of crabgrass while feeding your lawn
– Used on any established turf areas
18-0-6 Spec Sheet
22-0-5 w/Trimec50 lb bag12,500 sq. ft– Weed and feed fertilizer
– Slow release nitrogen
– Added Trimec for control of broadleaf weeds
24-5-10 Turf Builder50 lb bag12,000 sq. ft– 50% slow release component
– Will last up to 12 weeks
– Can be applied throughout the growing season
24-05-10 Spec Sheet
13-13-1350 lb bag6,500 sq. ft– Balanced starter/winterizer fertilizer
– Great for new seedings and preparing lawn for winter
– Lasts 6 weeks
13-13-13 Spec Sheet
Milorganite50 lb bag3,000 sq. ft– Organic, slow-release fertilizer
– Safe for turf, gardens, plants, and trees
– Can be applied at any time of the year
Gypsum Super Cal 0450 lb bag3,000 sq. ft– Best used cultivated and mixed into clay or heavy soils
– Used to relieve compaction in heavy soils of established lawns
Sustane 4-6-4
Sustane 4-4-4
50 lb bag4,000 sq. ft– 6-8 week product, applied through the growing season
– Adds organic matter to the soil
Sustane 4-6-4 Spec Sheet
Sustane 4-4-4 Spec Sheet
Sustane 8-2-450 lb bag4,000 sq. ft– Slow release nitrogen fertilizer
– Promotes a rapid rate of vegetative establishment
– Quick ground cover minimizes soil erosion
Sustane 8-2-4 Spec Sheet
29-0-3 Turf Builder50 lb bag14,500 sq. ft– Alternative turf builder to 24-5-10
– 50% slow release component
– Can be applied through the growing season
29-0-3 Turf Builder
Sustane 18-1-850 lb bag– Two-part blend combining Sustane organic with four-way release of nitrogen
– Most economical coverage
– Provides a consistent supply of nutrients for 12-16 weeks
Sustane 18-1-8
SpeedZone20 ounce container

2.5 gallon container
SpeedZone herbicide starts visually deteriorating broadleaf weeds such as clover, dandelion, ground ivy and spurge within a matter of 24 hours. Weed death typically occurs from 7 to 14 days. It is great to use for residential lawns, golf courses and commercial properties.
Tenacity8 ounce containerThis herbicide is the most effective treatment for crabgrass and controls more than 46 broadleaf weed and grassy weeds. When used as a pre-emergent, it will prevent crabgrass and other weeds from germinating. As a post-emergent, it will eliminate seedlings of unwanted weeds and grasses.