It’s a magical time in the woods if you’re a hunter – it’s deer season across the country. The Whitetail rut takes place every year with the best action happening in the first weeks of November. Right now, bucks are on their feet most of the day working scrapes and searching for does. This huge increase in daylight activity makes it the perfect time to tag out on a great buck. After the plots are planted and the stands are hung, here’s a few tactics to help you have a successful November:

Hunt the Does

This time of year, bucks relate directly to does. They are chasing, searching, and breeding does this month. A great tactic is to hang a stand on the downwind side edge of a known doe bedding area. This is a great way to catch a cruising buck scent-checking the bedding area for a hot doe.

Find a Food Funnel

A food plot full of Primal Green Beast Brassica blend is a great way to attract and hold deer on your property. However, the edge of the plot is not necessarily the best place to hang your tree stand. Instead find a funnel with good access, that connects the destination food source and bedding. This will not only allow you more shooting opportunities, but also will allow you to get in and out of your stand cleanly without spooking the deer feeding in the plot.

The Art of Patience

This time of the year can be unpredictable. The action can be steady or it can be slow, but always stay ready because things can change fast. On a recent hunt, I sat six hours without seeing a deer, only to have a great buck walk into my shooting window just minutes after sunset. A 32 yard shot later, and I was tagged out for the season. Your luck can change in the matter of seconds. Always be ready.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the woods this November, The Millborn Team wishes you luck and safety. Keep the coffee hot and an arrow nocked. November is here.



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