Expert Spotlight: Elijah True

Our team is made up of land use linchpins, focused on being trailblazers in resilient land use. Here’s more about one of those land use linchpins, Elijah True, Western Reclamation Sales Account Manager.


I grew up in Wyoming, which provided me many opportunities to fall in love with the rangelands of the West. I was fortunate to grow up in a family business that dealt not only in oil and gas production, but also agriculture. From a young age I was taught about the value of our rangelands and as I sat in meetings learning about a variety of topics ranging from grazing management plans to reclamation requirements, I found myself wondering about how our native ecosystems work. This curiosity was further fostered by traveling across the west to different outcrops on “geology fieldtrips” with my petroleum geologist parents. Now I live in Cheyenne, WY with my wife and our dogs and horses.


Once I found my academic focus, I completed my Associate’s degree in Rangeland Management, followed by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I continued my education by pursuing my MBA with an emphasis in Energy Management. I chose this focus knowing that it was the best avenue to combine my passions for both natural resources and agriculture.        

I could have been gainfully employed by the time I completed my Master’s degree – sitting at a desk, crunching numbers for an oil company in Denver. But would I have been happy and fulfilled? Probably not. Instead, I searched for a career where my business education would complement my range education. Fortunately I found the perfect fit with Millborn Seeds as a Western Reclamation Sales Account Manager. Working with the team, I am astounded by the wealth of knowledge of the team members – I know that I am in the right position and am making a difference.

For me, this job is not about simply being the fulfiller of seeding prescriptions, it is about covering the Earth and managing Western ecological solutions.


At Millborn, we focus on expanding our tradition of excellence in service and product quality to the Western Reclamation Seed industry. We stay up-to-date on academic literature, market and climatic trends, and industry standards. Along with other members of the Millborn team, I have attended pertinent conferences and industry events, and will continue to do so to maintain my understanding of best management practices. Our team’s extensive experience has positioned us to be leaders not only in understanding the challenges of vegetation production in water-limited areas, but also in managing the critical riparian areas of the arid West.

For me, this job is not about simply being the fulfiller of seeding prescriptions, it is about covering the Earth and managing Western ecological solutions. It is my goal to be the best industry resource for our customers. As someone who is not afraid of putting miles on a pickup, I am looking forward to conducting field visits and developing a relationship with our customers – I promise that I will be more than just a voice on the other end of a telephone call. Most of all, I care!

Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions about reclamation and rangeland seed.

Elijah True – Western Reclamation Sales Account Manager



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