Worth the Wait

As Ella scans over the food plot, she notices a buck wander in. A text from her dad grabs her attention as he tells her she only has 5 minutes left of the night. After little hesitation, Ella decided to go for it. As she nervously draws her bow back, the unsuspecting buck grazes away just yards ahead of her. She lets the arrow go with a breath of relief and watches the deer run off into the grove.

After she searches for her arrow in the food plot, she tells her dad she couldn’t find it anywhere. Ella and her family closely follow the blood trail spotted along the leaves, which leads them to a trail back in the grove. After a long hunt, they decide to call it a night. First thing the next morning they’re back out searching when someone spots an arrow peeking out beyond the grasses. 

Ella’s father, Randy, points out “that’s bigger than anything I’ve ever shot,” once they walk up to the deer. After they pose for their celebratory photo, they get to work harvesting meat and getting the deer to the taxidermist.

Power in the Food Plot

Ella Feucht is a freshman in high school from Brookings, SD. In mid-September this year, she nailed this buck on her first bow hunt on a Green Beast food plot near her family home.

Ella found Green Beast to be helpful when searching for her deer. For a few years the Feucht family have been planting in this food plot and planted Green Beast this last year.

“As well as good forage, it is really easy to track a shot deer.” Ella said, “The blood really stands out on the green foliage vs black dirt or dead grass.”

Its More Than Just One Big Win

In February earlier this year, Ella was diagnosed with Classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After a tough few months and endless support from her family, friends and Brookings community, Ella is now in remission. Ella is back in school, back into archery and back to hunting! She will be celebrating with loads of deer jerky and roasts while looking forward to a new deer mount in a few months.

If you’re wondering what Ella’s secret to the big one is, she suggested that sometimes it’s best to “wait to the last minute of the night” before you leave the deer stand.

Check out Green Beast for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll score big like Ella! 



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