Get a Head Start on Your Clovers This Spring

With many seeding options available, have you considered frost seeding your clover food plots? Frost seeding our food plot mixes, Elevate and Whitetail Premium is an excellent option for getting an early start on your big game food plots.

Elevate is our annual clover blend option.

Late winter to early spring is the best time to frost seed. The freezing of the nights and thawing of the days allows the seed to work into the soil. With an ideal seeding depth of ¼” for clovers, broadcasting this seed will prevent it from being planted too deep. By planting in the early springtime window, the moisture can help establish that seed.

Whitetail Premium is our perennial blend of clovers.

It’s common for frost seeding to be used for annual clovers, yet more and more people are starting to frost seed in their perennial clover stands and are seeing success. This practice is used to repair any damage that could have been caused from the events of drought, browsing pressure, or winter kill. Frost seeding helps give the plants a uniform stand which is one of the best ways to fight weeds. 

If you happen to try frost seeding this year let us know how it goes! We’d love to see how you’re taking advantage of your food plot this spring.



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