FAQs: Clearfield Sunflowers

Clearfield Sunflowers are a hybrid sunflower that allows improved chemical control post-seeding. They allow game managers to use both common pre-emergent herbicides, as well as Beyond herbicide following seeding. The seeds produced from this plant are filled with protein and are widely available for gamebirds, songbirds, and small game. Here are a few frequently asked questions we receive about the popular crop:

What’s the ideal seeding depth for Clearfield Sunflowers? 1”-11/2” deep is optimum for sunflowers

Are these Sunflowers Roundup Ready/ Glyphosate Tolerant? These Sunflowers are not Roundup Ready, however you may use Poast (Sethoxydim) and Beyond (Imazamox) as  post emergent chemical options. Glyphosate may be used as a pre-emergent chemical option, but not a post.

Why are there different seed sizes? After harvest, the seeds are sorted by size. This helps when it comes time to plant because all the seeds are a consistent size. Size 3 and 4 are the most popular with row planters.

What size of heads do Clearfield’s produce? The average head size of Clearfield’s is 7-10 inches

What is the seeding rate of Clearfield Sunflowers? 20,000-25,000 seeds/acre

How many acres can you seed with one 25lb bag? Seeding at a rate of 20,000 seeds/acre you are able to plant approximately 10 acres.

Should I use fertilizer? Depending on the previous crop, we recommend applying 60-80lbs/acre of Nitrogen.



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