Five tips to prep for seeding new habitat this spring

Most of the U.S., and especially Millborn’s home area of the upper Midwest, experienced above average moisture this winter and a late spring that is already coming in like a lion. This means a few things:

  1. The seeding window will turn from narrow to narrower. As we wait for field conditions to improve, planting dates get delayed.
  2. The welcomed moisture in areas that have experienced years of drought will give you the opportunity to establish new areas of habitat and improve areas that have been idle with lack of moisture.

Here’s five ways to use these scenarios to your advantage and establish the best habitat in 2023.

  1. Be ready to move fast. Remember how we said that narrow planting window was getting narrower? You won’t have time to wait for seed to be delivered when field conditions are finally fit. Ensure you have your plans and seed ready to go so you can move fast when it’s ‘go time’.
  2. Scout often. Whether you’re seeding one acre or 1,000 acres, knowing the condition of the site is crucial to make sure you’re giving your new seedlings the best chance for success. Check out these tips for site preparation and managing native seedings.
  3. Check your equipment. Don’t delay yourself by waiting until the first nice day to check your drill. Take the half-day to run through everything and make sure the equipment you’ll be using is up to the task of your project.
  4. Calibrate your seeder. Once you’ve confirmed everything works on your equipment, it’s time to get it calibrated. Depending on whether you’re using a drill, broadcaster, or other planting equipment, every process will be a bit different. Use this guide to calibrate your drill, and remember, all the Millborn products have a bulk seeding rate included on the bag tag and planting specifications are available in the product information on our website.
  5. Enjoy the process. Easier said than done, right? Especially in a shortened spring like this one is looking to be. Remember, even when you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’ve made it through every year before this and you’ll make it through the next one, too. Why not enjoy the process of establishing new habitat?



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