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Elevate is the perfect mix to save fertilizer costs while building soil in the summer months. This mix of annual clovers provides nutritional summer forage by adding nitrogen to your soil, improving water absorption and serving as weed suppression.

Proven Ingredients: Balansa, Crimson, Berseem and Mammoth Red Clovers

Seeding Rate: 10 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast


5 lb bag

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Product Guide


  • Seeding Rate: 10 lbs/acre drilled or broadcast
  • Seeding Depth: 1/4″ deep
  • Package: 5 lb bags
  • Plant into a clean, firm seedbed when both drilling or broadcasting.
  • Planting Zones:
    • Zone 1: Early Spring
    • Zone 2: Early Spring
    • Zone 3: Early Spring
    • Zone 4: Not Recommended

Food Plot Power™ Tip

If planted early enough, Elevate™ will help fix nitrogen for your fall green plots. Simply terminate and work in the soil before you plant Killzone™ and or Final Stand™ and save on fertilizer costs.

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