Armor®­ Dove Pro 55

$125.00 bag

Planting a sunflower food plot and looking for a medium plant height, mid-maturity product that excels at attracting birds and other wildlife? If so, Dove Pro 55 is worth a try. This product has high stress tolerance for your toughest acres, is slower to drydown and has increased staygreen, which means it performs well in cooler environments, stands late into the season due it’s strong stalks and roots, and has top grain yield potential. The birds and wildlife won’t be able to stay away if you plant this product!

Seed Size: 4

Package Size: 10 lb bag (treated)

Total Price:

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Product Guide

Agronomic Information

Days to Maturity 94
Height M
Oil Content 3
Drydown 3
Phomopsis 3
Sclerotinia 2
Stalk Strength 1
Drought Tolerance 2

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