Specialty Seed Market Redefined with Launch of Renovo Seed


Contact: Dani Murray, danim@millbornseeds.com

(BROOKINGS, SD, August 1, 2023) – Renovo Seed will enter the seed market in October 2023, offering farmers, ranchers, and landowners across the U.S. a diverse seed portfolio focused on maximizing profitability and long-term land resiliency. 

Backed by MillbornTM, a vertically integrated seed supply chain powerhouse with over 35 years in the seed industry, Renovo Seed brings a unique vision for positive land use solutions. The Renovo Seed team is rooted in the land themselves and focused on ensuring its continued productivity for generations to come.

With Renovo Seed, farmers, ranchers, and landowners can keep their seed choices simple and achieve their land use and profit goals. From forages, to cover crops, to conservation and restoration projects, Renovo Seed’s practical solutions include tried-and-true recommendations for success. With a robust lineup of more than 1,200 products, Renovo Seed offers prebuilt, proven to work seed mixes that are tailored to specific goals.

“We are on a mission to help farmers, ranchers, and landowners turn their challenging land use scenarios into tailored and profitable solutions,” says Shannon Kubik, brand president of Renovo Seed. “We are land use linchpins, taking a commonsense, get-it-done approach to any land need.

“Historically, our products have been considered specialty seed, but they aren’t just for special uses anymore. At Renovo Seed our name means renewal, and our experience means peace of mind for anyone who wants to ensure the continued profitability and resiliency of their land,” she adds.

Beginning October 2023, Renovo Seed will be available at select seed dealerships and cooperatives nationwide. Farmers, ranchers, and landowners can find more information about Renovo Seed and how to maximize profitability and long-term resiliency at renovoseed.com.


About Renovo Seed

Renovo Seed enters the seed industry as a visionary in positive land use solutions. Backed by Millborn’s powerful supply chain, Renovo Seed works to improve the resiliency of the land for generations to come with a robust seed lineup and unmatched team of experts who design practical, tailored solutions for farmers, ranchers, and landowners. For more information, visit RenovoSeed.com.

About Millborn

With high-quality seed products, a unique, vertically integrated supply chain, and a team of experts who understand the industry, Millborn is the single source for agriculture, conservation, reclamation, and commercial seed needs. For more information, visit MillbornSeeds.com.

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