Millborn Seeds Leading Specialty Grains & Oilseeds Industry into the Future

(BROOKINGS, SD, Tuesday, September 14, 2022) – Millborn Seeds, a specialty seed company dedicated to enriching land and lives for over 35 years, is expanding their focus on being trailblazers in sustainable land use. Currently, Millborn Seeds delivers customized specialty seed solutions to farmers, ranchers, and landowners in all 50 U.S. states and will continue in their mission of supporting producers by creating a better system for on-farm crop rotations with a focus on cover crop seed through their project with the USDA’s Climate-Smart Commodities program. With a focus on five specialty grain and oilseed products (oats, rye, flax, buckwheat, and winter camelina), the pilot project will support farmers as they look to diversify their crop rotation, address seed supply chain issues in products that are important in cover crops throughout the United States, and develop milling, food processing, and pet food markets that focus on verified climate smart grains and oilseeds.

“Our team at Millborn Seeds has always been dedicated to understanding the land and are truly the best in the field. We have the vision and ability to support producers as they build on-farm crop rotations that are in the best interest of their operation and future generations to come. With this project, we can focus on expanding the opportunities for farmers, ranchers, and landowners in the cover crop market while also continuing to advance adoption of regenerative agricultural practices. Future generations depend on the decisions we make on our land today, and we are excited to continue helping those interested in exploring, diagnosing, and building a plan for the land for today and the years to come,” Matt Fenske, CEO of Millborn Seeds.

For more information on Millborn Seeds, please visit Renovo Seed. Read more information on the USDA Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities.


About Millborn Seeds: With over 35 years in the specialty seed industry, the Millborn Seeds team is focused on being trailblazers in sustainable land use. Millborn Seeds offers specialized products that fit growers’ needs with over 1200 species of seed and are a global grower partner, serving customers in all 50 U.S. states and abroad in several countries. In 2021, the company impacted over three million acres of seedings throughout North America. The Millborn Seeds team can help anyone interested in exploring, diagnosing, and building a plan for the land.

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