New and Noteworthy to the Hay & Pasture Lineup

As part of our mission of enriching land and lives, we are always looking to push the status quo and expand our existing product lineup with the latest and greatest genetics and product mixes for your operation. New to our hay & pasture lineup this year are Boost and Grass Max – both offering outstanding forage potential.

Soil health and an impressive stand

Boost is a new overseeding option that provides benefits to your soil’s health, while creating a more luscious stand. This mix consists of several legumes such as clovers and alfalfa varieties. Adding legumes and alfalfa to your existing stand is a great choice to increase yields, along with increased forage quality for livestock. If your existing pasture needs some additional nitrogen, then Boost is your answer. It’s best planted using a drill into an existing stand of grasses, however, you can frost-seed it when broadcasting. Keep in mind, it’s best to let new plants get three to six inches tall before you graze Boost.

Boost product details

High quality, high yields

If you are looking for the ultimate grass mix, then Grass Max is the answer. This mix consists of five perennial grasses, making it a very versatile mix. These species are all easy establishing, creating high quality and high yields. Grass Max works great if you are seeding down a grass hay field, planting a pasture, or planting a small area that needs grass. This mix can be planted in early spring and fall, or you can dormant seed it. If you plan to cut Grass Max for hay, allow for 60-75 days of growth before the first cutting. Keep in mind, grass planting is a long-term project – one cutting in the first year is normal. If you are going to graze this mix, try to avoid grazing the first year to avoid the risk of livestock pulling young roots out of the ground.

Grass Max product details

Boost and Grass Max will help your hay & pasture fields reach new potential. Don’t forget, we have plenty of standard mixes and can custom mix to fit your exact needs. Check out the full hay & pasture lineup today.



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