Take Your Rye to the Next Level: Try Rye Cocktails

Taking your rye to the next level is simpler than you think! Improving soil biology, plant diversity, and water infiltration can be conveniently accomplished by incorporating rye-based cover crop mixes into your rotation. Don’t let us forget to mention the benefits your cash crops gain through the rejuvenated seedbed you create.

50% Rye

Cereal Rye is an extremely hardy winter annual that shows early spring growth which works to minimize weeds. The fibrous root systems (along with minimized tillage) allow water infiltration to improve and holds the soil in place to minimize erosion.

Seeded at 50 lbs an acre. These amounts are based on the percentage of full seeding rate.

All American is the classic choice for incorporating a rye cocktail into your acres. By including diverse root systems, this mix increases infiltration to get moisture deep into the seedbed. Crimson clover is a legume used to fix and build nitrogen levels in your soil. Winter camelina is an annual brassica that will complement the rye for spring growth and promote biodiversity. Radish is another deep-rooted brassica that reduces compaction and keeps those needed nutrients on the soil surface for cash crops to utilize.

Seeded at 50 lbs an acre. These amounts are based on the percentage of full seeding rate.

This Rye Cocktail is made for the acres that need to be mellowed out for increased infiltration and decreased compaction. Mellow Maker is made of species that grow deep into the seedbed to prepare the ground for your cash crops. The radish, turnip and rapeseed work together to create alleyways for water to seep into the soil. Species in this mix work to suppress weeds and keep necessary nutrients in the soil for cash crops.

Seeded at 50 lbs an acre. These amounts are based on the percentage of full seeding rate.

Winter Wonder is the winter annual trio that gets your fields ready for a green spring. The winter camelina minimizes the resilient spring weeds. The hairy vetch in this mix is perfect for fixing nitrogen, surviving harsh winters, and tolerating various soil conditions. The grass, legume, and brassica get you through the winter and set up your fields for a prosperous spring.

Feeding More Than Your Soil

Rye alone is great for grazing, haying, and silage. Combining the winter and cool-season annuals forms palatable and nutritious forage opportunities.  

Any Way You Want It, Any Way You Need It

You have the choice of purchasing the cocktails with or without rye! If you already have rye, seed the mixes at 5 lbs/acre and seed rye at 45 lbs/acre.

Rye is a winter hardy, quick maturing, weed suppressor that works wonders on varying soil conditions to ready your seedbed for future cash crops. By including one of the rye cocktails into your rotation you are not only helping your soil biology but setting up your cash crops for a successful season.

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  1. It’s very important to use the cover crops cocktails. Are there some cocktails for lupine and vetches?

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