Prepare for Seeding; Tips for Calibrating your Drill

Before seeding, it is important to prepare the seedbed for spring planting. Our goal is to have a clean, firm seedbed. Here are a few steps to keep in mind:

  • Remove liter to have better soil to seed contact. Do this by removing corn stalks, soybean stubble.
    • Rule of thumb: If your boots sink deeper than ½ inch into the soil, the soil is not firm enough.
  • Spray round-up close to seeding date to kill weeds that are currently growing. This is more important when spring seeding. Consider using Plateau on native seedings for residual control after establishment.
  • Picking the right seed is important. We encourage you to plan ahead and ask questions!

How to Prepare your Seedbed for Spring Planting

Tips for Calibrating a Drill

  • Look for seeding rates under the lid of the seed box.
  • Calibrate following instructions per drill.
  • Ensure all moving parts on the drill are functioning properly.
  • Start small with a defined amount and seeding rates, then adjust accordingly.
  • Do NOT overfill the drill and fill the box evenly.
  • After you start seeding, note seeding depth. This should be about ¼” deep.
  • Contact specialists for assistance!

Instructions for specific models

Calibrate a Truax Drill

Calibrate the Great Plains Main Seed Box (Model 1006NT)


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  1. Thanks for mentioning that the seedbed needs to be prepped for spring planting before and seeding happens. The owner of the ranch I work on is considering looking for air seeders because he noticed last week that his current machinery would skip rows while applying seed. I think it’s wise for the owner to think about getting machinery from a reputable supplier to help properly plant the seed rows so that crops can grow evenly.

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