SorMax 100 Forage Sorghum


Forage sorghum is a warm-season annual grass closely related to grain sorghum but bred for its impressive overall biomass and dry matter yield. SorMax 100 Forage Sorghum is a 100 day maturity BMR forage sorghum with excellent yield. With a 5-7 ton potential for dry matter yield, you can count on SorMax 100 to perform.


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Product Guide

Agronomic Information

  • BMR- Yes
  • Standability- 4
  • Stalk Sweetness-4
  • Leafiness- 4
  • Harvest Method- Silage
  • Dry Matter Yield- 5-7 tons

Numeric legend: 1 = Most / Excellent, 9 = least/poor

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