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Our 60/40 Pea/Barley blend is a popular spring forage that will exceed other common options in forage quality. Forage Peas are very high in crude protein and digestibility and have good yield when blended with a small grain such as barley. Using a beardless forage variety of barley in the blend provides good dry matter yield as well as superior forage quality to other small grains. Pea/Barley blends are a preferred forage option in limited moisture growing conditions.

Drilled Seeding Rate: 100 lbs/acre

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  • Planting Time: Early Spring
    • Both Peas and Barley can tolerate any light frost that may occur after planting.
  • Drilled Seeding Rate: 100 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Seeding Depth: 1.5″‘-2″
  • Seed can also be broadcasted or rolled or packed to gain seed to soil contact.

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