Kernel Counter

$1.15 - $46.00 lb

Kernel Counter is an ideal mix that provides fast growth in the fall, nitrogen fixation, and limited or no spring growth. This blend works perfectly into a corn/soybean rotation as it gives your soil completely different species with a cool season grass, cool season legumes, and a brassica. Kernel Counter is the go-to mix for farmers focused on soil health and ground cover.

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Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Oats 25%
Radish 25%
Crimson Clover 25%
Balansa Clover 25%
These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate.

Product Guide


  • Planting Time: After or over soybeans, ahead of corn
  • Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre
  • Seeding Depth: ¾-1’’ deep

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