Hybrid Rye

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Hybrid Rye has been bred and improved to out yield any open pollinated rye on the market. Its extensive tillering, solid stem, and uniform grain set allow it to be a consistent high yielding rye. We offer SU Performer and SU Cossani Hybrid Rye. Place Performer on your acres where yield potential is highest. It is the yield leader for when growing conditions are favorable and will also be a higher forage or straw producer. Cossani is the hardier variety that will still produce under the harshest growing conditions. Place this on your less than favorable acres when consistency is important. Call 605.627.1901 to order.

Product Guide


  • Planting Time: Sept. 1–Oct. 1
  • Seeding Depth: 0.5″-0.8″
  • Seeding Rate: 0.8 units/acre
  • Drill Calibration
    • Divide the number of live seeds/unit (1,000,000) by the pounds/unit* to get the number of live seeds/pound.
    • Divide the target seeding rate (800,000) by the live seeds/pound to get the pounds/acre to be planted.
      *pounds/unit can be found on the seed tag. Each seed lot may contain a different pounds/unit value

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