Great Plains Pasture Mix


The Great Plains Pasture Mix is an excellent choice for high-yielding hay or pasture on dryland. It is extremely drought hardy and can hold up to the tough conditions of dryland.


50 lb bag

Total Price:

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Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Intermediate Wheatgrass 35%
Pubescent Wheatgrass 35%
Meadow Brome 20%
Dahurian Wildrye 10%

Product Guide


  • Planting Time:
    • Early Spring: After hard freezing conditions have ended.
    • Late Summer/Early Fall: Allow 4-6 weeks of growth before the first killing frost
    • Dormant: Mid to late fall when temperatures are cold enough that seed will not germinate until the following spring. Soil temperature of 50 degrees or less.
  • Seeding Rate: 10-12 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Seed Depth: ¼” – ½”
    • Seed should be drilled into a firm seedbed or broadcasted and packed


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