Creeping Alfalfa

$4.50 lb

Creeping alfalfa expresses a creeping root .rather than a taproot like other alfalfas. This makes it an excellent fit in new pasture seedings with grass, or as a reliable legume to interseed into the existing pasture. Creeping alfalfas are tolerant to grazing and have a high level of winterhardiness as well as drought tolerance.

Full Seeding Rate – 15 lbs/acre
Interseeding into existing grass – 3-5 lbs/acre

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  • Planting Time: Spring, Late Summer/Early Fall, or frost seeding
  • Seeding Rate:
    • Full Seeding Rate – 15 lbs./acre
    • Interseeding into existing grass – 3-5 lbs./acre
  • Ideal Seed Depth: ½”

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